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Creating PHP: From Idea to Reality

From humble beginnings, our vision for change and the principles that guide our development.

PNG Health Project began as a small group of second year UQ medicine students with no institutional backings or connections. The only resources were their spare time, knowledge and ambition to make a difference in the world of health literacy.

Vision for Change

Eve Golma, our founder, grew up in PNG and noticed a deficiency in her own education about matters of health. She wished to change the status quo by providing a novel educational resource similar to what we have in Australia.

We identified five general areas of health literacy to work on:

1. General Health/Nutrition

2. Sexual Health

3. Mental Health

4. Drugs and Alcohol

5. Diet and Exercise

It is our belief that these five areas are important towards overall health and wellbeing.

Our Guiding Principles

PHP aims to engage as many PNG students as possible in an educational curriculum that addresses important gaps in health literacy knowledge.

Content will be delivered consistently and comprehensively in a non-judgemental and inclusive space.

PHP will provide resources to students involved with the program in conjunction with its educational aims.

We aim to foster long-term cooperation with schools, medical students and health professionals in PNG.

The members of PHP are invariably passionate about our mission to empower youth through health literacy. It's a cornerstone of our program and what we set out to accomplish with each trip to PNG! For anyone with an interest in the PHP, feel free to apply and keep connected with us through social media or email.

--The Entire PNG Health Project Team


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