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Days for Girls: Turning Periods into Pathways

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

PNG Health Project has teamed up with the Gladstone and Rockhampton chapters of Days for Girls this year and we could not be more excited! They share our mission to empower women and they do so by creating reusable menstrual products for women in need.

Days for Girls is an international organisation dedicated to providing women in need with sustainable and culturally-appropriate menstrual products. Every supreme or heavy flow menstrual kit contains multiple reusable pads/liners, panties, soap, instructions, a washcloth, and a storage bag, all of which are beautifully crafted by volunteers from vibrant and unique patterns. Menstrual kits may sound simple, but Days for Girls makes a massive impact in the lives of girls that receive them. They fight the stigma surrounding periods and empower women by encouraging education for every girl.

Our Partnership

PNG Health Project has partnered with Days for Girls Gladstone and Rockhampton this year. The incredible volunteers in each of these chapters have teamed up and graciously donated hundreds of menstrual kits. Our PHP team will hand these out to girls across schools in Port Moresby in Aug/Sep and teach them how to properly use and wash the reusable pads. Each kit can be used over and over, making period care easy and sustainable.

We know that these kits are going to have a massive impact on these girls' lives and cannot wait to share the beautiful work of Days for Girls with them!

PHP members (Right to Left: Andy McKinlay, Alex Boland, and Jess Hawkins) with the representative of the Gladstone Daisies meeting about Days for Girls and PHP.


We hope you are as excited about this partnership as we are! They are an incredible organisation with an incredible mission: "Every girl. Everywhere. Period."

Definitely check them out!

Website: https://www.daysforgirls.org/

Facebook: Days for Girls Gladstone QLD Australia Team


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