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For the Love of Footy

PNG Health Project has paired our love for rugby league with the support of teams across the Southeast Queensland area to raise awareness about our organisation and fundraise for our 2019 trip. We're on a mission to educate communities, encourage healthy decisions, and enjoy a great day of sport!

Footy & PHP

Rugby is a cornerstone of Australian culture, be it a professional, semi-pro, or club game. It brings friends and families together for a day out on the field every weekend. This year, PNG Health Project has started to attend various rugby league matches across the Brisbane area. Game days promote healthy choices through physical activity and community involvement. They allow us to connect with our neighbours, support the PNG Hunters with families from Papua New Guinea, and enjoy a (sun-safe!) day outside.

What more could we ask for? These games are a fantastic way to advocate for health literacy, raise awareness for our mission, and promote healthy choices in our own backyard. Keep an eye out for announcements about upcoming games we will be attending.

Shout Out to the Teams

This year we paired up with a number of rugby league teams across the Southeast Queensland region: Norths Devils, Sunshine Coast Falcons, Wynnum Seagulls, and Burleigh Bears! It was tremendously fun to watch them verse the PNG Hunters and to meet the supporters for the teams.

Each of these groups were paramount in promoting health education and awareness at their matches. They also simultaneously helped us with fundraising and sanitary pads donations for our upcoming trip to Port Moresby. We couldn't have done it without their incredible support, so we'd like to take a moment to give each team a massive shout out and thank you!

Come and Join Us

Are you interested in rugby league with a little side of health advocacy?

We'd love for you to stop by our PHP Booth at the next game and have a chat with us! Keep an eye on the Reminders section of our News page for any upcoming game days or follow us on Facebook. The games are always a ton of fun for the whole family, so definitely consider coming out and showing your support for the teams and PHP!


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