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Join Our '19 Team! (& FAQs)

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Applications for the PNG Health Project 2019 trip are now open and we are keen to have medical students that are passionate about health literacy join our team.

The PNG Health Project is a once in a lifetime opportunity for medical students to travel to Papua New Guinea and educate young people on vital matters of health literacy: dental health and hygiene, sexual health, mental health, drugs and alcohol, as well as diet and exercise. Not to mention, you'd have the opportunity to travel around this beautiful nation with like-minded peers and have the time of your life.

Quick Details About the Trip

When: During mid-semester break of Sem. 2 (tentatively Aug 24th - Sep 2nd)

Group Size: ~12-13

Cost: Self-funded; however, can apply for grants to assist with cost

How to Apply

To access the application, you can use the "Apply" button in the menu or click the link below! Just fill out the quick and easy form and submit it. Once the applications close, we'll conduct short Skype meetings with the candidates to pick our '19 Team!

Applications Open: Feb 18th at 12:00 PM

Applications Close: Mar 11th at 5:00 PM

We are incredibly excited about this year's trip and for the chance to return to Papua New Guinea with another group of volunteers and hope you will apply! If you have any other questions, feel free to send us an email at executive@pnghealthproject.com

Click here to apply to join our team!


Who can apply?

Any UQ student, in any year, who is studying medicine, nursing, midwifery, public health, or really any other health-related degree and has a keen interest in making a difference.

How much does the trip cost?

Our cost-per-person usually sits around $1000. However, last year we were able to make the trip free for most volunteers (barring those who spent extra money on gifts and momentos) through sponsorship and grants.

Will the trip affect my study for exams?

We tailor our trip dates to allow ample time to study for and sit the UQ Medicine mid-semester exams for Phase 1 students (this trip would also be suited for Year 3 students undertaking the Hospital Practice during Sem 2). Additionally, in the past, there have been heaps of private and group study amongst participants on the trip, which has yielded very good results in these exams (combined brain power for the win!).

How is the team selected?

Following the application process, applicants will be offered a 10-15 minute Skype interview with three members of the PHP team. This is a casual interview with no need for preparation. Just tell us about yourself and why you're passionate about empowering youth through health!

Where do we stay?

Previously, we have stayed on campus at the med faculty of UPNG. This accomodation is gated and guarded 24/7. We stay, eat and socialise with local medical and midwifery students. There is a mess hall for meals and a large pool/gym complex 5 minutes walk down the road.

Is it safe to travel around PNG as a group of foreigners?

All travel will be undertaken on a private bus with two local guides and a driver. If you are a sensible traveller, there should be nothing to worry about. There have never been any safety concerns on previous trips.

Do I need past experience in health advocacy/teaching?

Not in the slightest! All you need is passion, enthusiasm, and the ability to adapt to new challenges. We are looking for all sorts of participants, so all sorts of prior life experiences may be helpful.

Is there much work involved pre-trip?

Using existing resources from previous years, you will be expected to formulate and practice a 20-minute workshop to deliver for your assigned station. In the time-frame given, this will put very minimal strain on your other commitments. We also have pre-trip social events, although these fall more under the umbrella of "play hard" rather than "work hard".

These lamb flaps sound delicious. What are they exactly?

Honestly, they are the most delicious thing you will ever eat! Prepare your taste buds. (I'm so sorry to any vegetarians/vegans applying, but rest assured there are lots of delicious non-lamb options available throughout the trip).

We hope this answers all of your questions about the trip, but if not, feel free to send us a message: executive@pnghealthproject.com or contact us through the website.


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