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What Did We Have to Say?: Testimonials from 2017-18

The PNG Health Project would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. They bring immense passion, energy, and undeniable effort to the project, spending hours putting together teaching sessions to help us achieve our mission. Let's hear what they had to say about their experience with PHP!

PHP 2017

"Our trip to PNG was once in a lifetime and truly exceeded all of our expectations. Beyond the educational outcomes and successes of the program, every day was jam-packed with fun and excitement. From sitting around a campfire bonding with the team to eating lamb flap kebabs from a roadside vendor, each experience was so unique and memorable. The friendships formed and skills gained from this trip cannot be replaced. I had the time of my life!" - Brandon Lo

"Beyond what we were able to teach the students, I was overwhelmed with how much I learnt from them. Hearing their stories of different experiences with chronic disease gave me a deeper insight into the challenges of health in PNG. The trip fuelled my passion to work in preventative health and to empower people to be ambassadors for change in their communities." - Rose Blackwood

"Suppose you wanted to step out of your comfortable routine and dare to do something different. Last year I made that call and it easily became one of the most amazing adventures of my 2017. The sights you’ll see and the experiences you’ll share with your friends will hopefully be something you’ll cherish for a long while." - Patrick Chung

"We started as a group of medical students who wanted to make sustainable change to address the health inequities in PNG. It was humbling to work alongside local students and form partnerships with local organisations towards these same goals. The trip reoriented me to why I wanted to study medicine in the first place." - Lily Pham

"PNG Health Project was an amazing experience, by far one of the best experiences I had during my medical school so far... Personal highlight was engaging with the students for my mental health station by playing charades and skits on the topics of emotion, bullying, and domestic violence." - Hanbi Kim

"Papua New Guinea is a beautiful country with a lot to offer, and last year I was lucky enough to experience it from a unique perspective... I strongly recommend the project for anyone with a sense of adventure and a passion for global health." - Braden Cupitt

Our Mission: Empowering Youth Through Health... It's why we do what we do!

PHP 2018

"PHP is an incredible initiative that allowed me to meet amazing lifelong friends with similar passions for medicine and public health whilst educating the upcoming generation of PNG. I highly recommend anyone with an interest in health literacy to get involved! It is a once in a lifetime experience that integrates you into a culture very different from anywhere else in the world. I will never forget this trip or the people I got to meet. - Alexander Boland

"Working with PHP meant partnering with incredible people from around the world to deliver outstanding education to the young people of PNG. The dedication - and fun - that everyone on the trip felt only added to the value of the project. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!" - Alex Babinchak

"Travelling to PNG with PHP was a privilege that I will never forget. Our team was a family, supporting each other and sharing in all of our moments. Together, we worked with kids to help them learn about physical and mental health. It was a truly rewarding experience and I cannot be more proud of everything we accomplished. Friendships, exploring a new culture, and advocating for health literacy -- I would recommend this program over and over! It taught each and every

one of us something beautiful." - Ileah Wilson

"I learned so much on the PNG Health Project and I really feel privileged to have worked with such an amazing team of inspiring people. Over the course of just a week, I genuinely think we reached so many children, which was reflected when they asked us insightful questions about their health and how they could help others too. We also gained an understanding of the wider health system in PNG, visiting Gerehu hospital and working with local medical students. Anyone with a passion for global health or an enthusiasm for health promotion

should definitely consider supporting or

becoming a part of PHP!" - Andy McKinlay

"PHP is a once in a lifetime opportunity in doing real work as a medical student within the realms of public health. This project has such great potential and delivers education to an important audience. I urge those who want an enriched experience of travel, wholesomeness and making a change to apply for PNG Health project." - Unni Kumar

“The PNG Health Project is a unique experience that allows students to put their passion for public health into practice! It gave me the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for health as well as build strong relationships with the future generation of Papua New Guinea. It was truly inspiring to see first-hand what a huge difference one lesson, one poster, or one conversation can have on the lives of these young children! I fell in love with the country, the people and the culture - my PNG family will always have a huge place in my heart.” - Jessica Hawkins

"What I expected to be a standard health education program run by medical students turned out to be an experience of a lifetime. Being given the opportunity to put to practice the knowledge I have gained and presenting it to young Papua New Guinean students in a fun and interactive way was such an enjoyable experience. The people I worked alongside with were an amazing group of individuals and fostering friendships with them was an added bonus. There were so many experiences shared and memorable moments from this project that I will treasure always." - Nomoya Kimisopa

"PNG Health Project was one of the most enriching experiences I’ve ever had and I can’t thank the team more for taking me with them. The project was well organised, welcomed by the local schools, and such a great initiative! It truly focussed on bringing sustainable change to PNG and I highly recommend any student to volunteer with PNG Health Project." - Tristan Chien

"Actively knowing about the health disparities here in Papua New Guinea is one thing - to actually see the impact it has on the lives of people and addressing the issue, is astronomically different. The PNG Health Project does just that. Being Papua New Guinean, it provided me with a rare opportunity to address cultural norms that hinder good health whilst teaching lifelong friends about my culture. PHP is something truly magical. Get Involved!" - Lavau Nalu

"PHP was such an eye-opening and fulfilling experience for me. It was really encouraging to see the students engaging with material, taking ownership of their health and starting conversations in their community – the impact you can make on the rising generation of PNG can't be underestimated! If global health and health education is close to your heart, PHP is an opportunity you don't want to miss! Learning about the health system through hospital visits, talking to

the local students and doctors, experiencing this

hospitable culture and exploring the beautiful

landscape made this trip all the more exciting

and unforgettable." - Angell Zang

We love what we do at PHP - we have the opportunity to make a difference through educating about health basics. Let's give a special shout out to our past volunteers! We would not be where we are now without them.


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